Friday, 26 November 2010

What i want to achieve at the end of the course?

Have a good understanding about print processes and special finishes and how i can apply these to fit in with the way i design.
-develop my portfolio                        -understand how the industry works
-manage stress levels                         -do the style of work like the area of industry i want to work for
-know exactly what i want to do in the industry

What do yo want to achieve this year?

At the end of this year i would like to know more about the way best to type within design how apply it most effectively. develop my own style of working with layout and imagery. what style do i feel most comfortable in using and what looks effective and professional. Be confident in what i can do especially on software.

-consistent professionalism        -lots of contacts
-understand the industry            - independent designer

What do you want to achieve at the end of your career?

I am interested in graphics for clothing and all the graphic products for river island (fashion store) producing there direction really inspires me. voucher pack shop window displays and clothes tags.

-dont have to worry too much about budgeting            -be well known within the industry
-no debt                                                                        -work in a range of environments
-enjoy a full time job                -work abroad                -freelance
-be good enough for students to research you as a designer      -be a teacher
-own a company
-be a boss!

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