Friday, 26 November 2010

Lecture three

Value- what are you worth?

documentry- century of yourself
(designer consumer society)

mihaly 1997

Philip kotler- Look up on you tube!

C- creating
C- communicating
D- delivering
V- value
T- target market
P- profit

*getting someone to fall in love with your brand used to be winning over their heart now its all about their spirits (Love for the world!)

*delivering began by name address male/female now you need to talk o the customers help design customers help design products E>G |INNOCENT

MASLOWS hierachy of need

Self actualisation
Love/ belongings

Where is the money??

Greatest human need                                          Reduced human need
             =                                                                          =
 Greatest Market potential                                  Lower market potential

-Food industry                                                  -Organic faming
-Housing                                                          - Holiday cottages
-Utilities                                                           -Home insulation
-Medicine                                                         -Health spas
-Transport                                                         - conservation
-Construction                                                    - Religion
-Water                                                               - Swimming pools
-New tech                                                         - alternative tech

*Aim and specific aims of a company stay the same yet objectives change every year

*WHEN writing my mission statement dont say what your actually going to do leave it open yet show the spririt behind what you do.

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