Friday, 26 November 2010

Lecture two

Ideas at the wrong time!
P- politions could not see the beneifit
E- economics
S- society

ideas at the right time!
e.g.  concord

be aware of the economics read newspapers broadsheets once a week to keep up to date

Do you have an informed opinion?

these are international local and trade laws tax breaks human rights are all important factors of design for the public sector.

wired guardian economist
do we know the latest thinking or just whats in the shops!

do you know whats effecting people
work-life balance
debt recovery
grow your own

PEst analysis what is affecting the target audience you are designing for?

Manager------oppurtunist          <---------WHAT TYPE OF DESIGNER ARE YOU??
Cautious------risk taker

Where do oppurtunities come from?
-trends - tech - political change  - economic chnage  - human need - problems   - research

                   Push and pull

Project manager skills
1. define the problem
2. build confidence
3.problem solving
4. risk analysis
5. psyical resources
6. planning
7. human resources
8. quality control


how do you know its a good oppurtunity?
Look at your competitors
- how many are there?
-how well are they doing?
-what do they do well?
- what could you do to improve

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