Monday, 8 November 2010

PPD task one

What is industrial experience?

  • Experience within the graphic design industry for students undergrads.
  • A way to learn about how graphic designers work within the industry and a professional level.
What can i learn from the industry?
  • How a practice works 
  • what kind of graphic designers work together
  • How many people calloborate
  • find out if you work alone or as a team
  • at what pace oes the design team have to work to keep up with deadlines
What from/format does industrial experience take?

What areas of industry are you interested in?
  • I would be interested in working with layout
  • illustration
  • image as type
  • fashion retail
What are your concerns about inustrial experience?
  • Not being fast enough to keep up with other designers
  • Not being confident enough  using software
  • Having a mind block/ not thinking creativley!
  • Sitting at a mac all day in an office !

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