Monday, 28 May 2012

Mail outs developmement

YAAAYYYY.... just goes to show if i never would have emailed them i never would have got this reply!! :) so exciting.. we shall see if it progresses! 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

All very frightening and exciting at the same time! Been offered a job at an engineering company in Warrington Aegis Engineering going to meet them on thursday 31st May day after hand in not too bad going for an interview day after really yet scary at the same time! I really wasnt planning on moving back home yet its a temporary contract and i think thats all i want a little bit of experience and well if it comes paid nothing better really is there! haha I will be back in Leeds part of my 10 year plan ha I also have things going on here Im part of the On the edge festival team so need to be around for that couple of other design things in the pipeline off the back of that also.. all exciting and new things to come keep pushing for these oppurtunities!
Did it sent it! ha what is there to lose i had out the work in be a shame not for it to be seen something may come of it who knows! 
keep you posted!

Republic brief for this brief i set myself 3 hours aside to come up with a concept and draft an illustrated idea.. As im going to a job interview next week aswell as hand in im unsure wether to go in for the comp as im not happy with the final resoltion i may pop it in an email to sow my efforts and see if theres anything else i could help with that has later deadlines you never know! 

Final well as far as i got! ......

Website design.. Wax logo and a grey bx overlaying each project when you hover the curser to reveal what it was for.. original ideas of how its going to look may change be less complex.