Thursday, 10 May 2012


Looking for jobs now is my main priority for the time being and almost will be a must when i have handed my module in today i got a phone call from a friend in warrington who is currently working for an engineering company they have asked her if she knows of any graphic designers and she has recommeneded me! AMAZING I will be working throughout the summer on a tempory contract re designing all the promotional material for the company I will be the only graphic designer their and this is the part which worries me as i want to learn more rather than think I know it all! preparing files to send to the printers is a daring task to take on im unsure if i will be too over my head......

HALLMARK  Ever since starting uni I have wanted a placement at tigerprint always being feared of my work not being upto standard and them always potentially taking on surface pattern designers I have failed go through with applying...should just try really! I was on twitter the other day which is purley profeesional manner and seen they weere advertising for a graphic designer I need to just apply yet never think im good enough whihc is something I will have to get over I cannot keep thinking like that! I thinkl it would just be amazing to work there and get paid rather than just getting the exoerience.

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