Friday, 26 November 2010

Lecture five

10 steps for a future you!

1. Proactive
-stimulus - respond

2. project
-develop a vision for your future
-create a principal centered personal mission statement
-extend the mission into long term goals

3. Provide
-clear explanations to people
-speak in their language--->not yours
-talk about benefits not procceses

4. Prioritise
-put first things first
-keep a proper balance
-stick to your personal mission

5. Presents
-think win/win
-seek outcomes and relationships that are mutually benefitial
-do a favour gain a favour

[ coffee with kloog] --> business man gives advice to others to find gaps in the market!

Kohlbergs Theory

pre-conventional                                conventional                                         post conventional
- i want                                       - i would be happy to                                 - we can
-why should i                             - your needs                                               - together
-nobody listens                           - i understand                                             - mutual benefit
-short term                                   - medium term                                           - long term

dependant                                   independant                                                 interdependant

6. Pause
- pause and listen- give all your attention
-empathise walk in their shoes
-dont re itterate or interperate just listen
- do you  really feel the way they feel or are you just saying that?

7. Proven

What type of designer am i ? fluctuate style or reliable worker?

8. Partner
- synergy multiple talents
-work with others outside your field to achieve greatness

9. Pit-stop
-sharpen up bolt on get new stuff
-rest revitilise
-explore challenge excite

10. Propel
-extinguish your fears
-exude confidence
-instic faith

*too easy to say NO!
*evrybodys scared!
* dont let things hold you back

-If you  dont belive in yourself  why should others?!
-Dont say im just!....the student designer etc BE PROUD!

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