Thursday, 9 December 2010

Task three

How will i promote myself?

What do they want to hear?  DESIGN SELLS!
What should i say to them? how can  change there business for the better without saying what im going to do a good mission statement.
How will i communicate to them? website , mailshots , networking events

- Evaluate most effective marketing methods for my own practice AND effective methods to reach potential customers. 'place' which gives the best competitive advantage and be convenient for client.

Relate to the:
T-target market

From the knowledge i have received from the what are you worth lecture, i have found it to be vitally important reaching out to my potential clients and how i portray me as a designer what are my qualities and inspires my design work what are my values. I have to get these across to my clients to win over there spirit for life this may be concerns in the environment eco designs as graphics uses a lot of paper results in a lot of waste do i value the important of recyclable materials etc. In order to this well i will need to have a positive position statement on my website home page. My website will be a main port of call for my clients as it is easily accessible and can feature previous design work, with examples of successful businesses such as innocent (smoothie making company) i have realised the importance of having a feedback section to keep in contact with my clients find out there wants needs and desires for the future products. Keeping a dialogue with customers i believe helps them relate to you on a personal level and more importantly the products you are producing.   Where is the money? there is no need for me to be using my portfolio for designs which are not needed this wont excite potential clients or employers if i can create things which are new exciting and intriguing employers will be able to see the desire for me to work for there business and be a valued asset. If i was a freelance designer it just wouldnt be enough to create the communicating aspect and delivering it to companies will become essential to the success and who you communicate it to! Being a freelance designing is running your own business you have to work out how much your spening whats your hourly rate? and how much your selling for profit!

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  1. watch your grammar and spelling-sometimes your work is difficult to read and understand.