Thursday, 9 December 2010

Task four

Who else is out there/ how good are they?

Who am I competing against? 
What do they offer? 
What makes me better? 
What makes me different? 
Steph says hello
Elizabeth anne designs

Offer great competetions on their websites with cash prizes which links into giving something away for free. they also have great industry link with Marks and Spencer and have gained all of their custom designing gift wrap and cards. What i believe makes me better is the fact i know about paper based products and innovate ways into folding and interactive elements of design. I can use typography significantly and understand hierarchy of type. Good insight of effective ways to use colour and print finishes such as flocking embossing and de-bossing. cards are a common thing now they hold the same principles and have never changed since they were created its time for the new! Im different as i want to change the way we use design yet in an fun and imaginative way.

Steph says hello-
This is a freelance illustrator who has just finished her degree and started a new business she sells on sociey6 and has just opened an online etsy shop she offers free prints and runs little competitions of her own and gives away goodies with her products. has a good dilogue with customers and has a range of conatcts due to working with them or her work featuring in the magazine etc. what i believe makes me better my designs are diverse and dont paticulally work a simliar way every time. Im different because i design in a different way i like corporate illustrations not just light hearted.

Elizabeth anne designs-
I found a blog with lovely wedding stationary on designed by this artist I like this sort of thing as you want to be corporate yet have the freedom to have a creative flair on things as a freelance artist i haven't heard much of her work which could possibly mean not promoted herself very well. she has man excellent designs on her blog and has work. as i work in a hotel i would be able to leave business cards to be given out for wedding show rounds and possible a booklet of my previous work this way i am giving to my target market directly. As i wont just be dependent on this type of work it makes my success as a designer more likely!

SWOT analysis-
t- threats

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  1. might have been useful to do a PEST on each of those 3 small companies-just so you could see where you compete and what you still need to learn