Thursday, 9 December 2010

Task five

My ambition as a graphic designer is to be successful and known within the industry not only for the type of work i do but my dedication and personal interaction with my clients, I wish to collaborate with other designers and build up a diary of contacts and close friends on which i can rely on if in need.

I wish to be diverse in what i do and cope with various graphic design jobs such as editorial corporate and illustration my main aim is to use all of these sectors together. I would be interested in working with packaging a lot more as the interaction essence of design not only inspires me but excites me within.

I desire to be a freelance artist/ own a company yet this is very hard to get noticed and get yourself out there  a lot of hard work will soon be well worth it as a student this scares me a little yet from what i have learnt from this module i understand how present myself to my clients and where to meet potential new ones.

I have learnt from my research your website is very important as a creative with visual means this needs to be exciting and corporate to appeal to all audiences many of the websites i have visit were complex and pretty much the same as each others. I have noticed the importance of a blog as when you see artists work and a short summary you almost think in there mind set and feel as if you know them this is really good aura and vibe to have with clients, so i will continue with mine.

Being interested in print finishes i think it would be valuable of my time to do a placement in a print company that way i can really understand the processes and valuation of certain designs this would make me more competitive at getting a job as an in house designer as you are mainly the only graphic designer in the company you need to be able to take artwork to the print level. by gaining a lot of experience now whist i can will expand my knowledge and make me more valuable.

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  1. hope you have managed to contact and arrange a placement at a printers.