Monday, 1 February 2010

For the collect 100 project i have decided to look at textures. this was relevant because i think they are interesting to work wih as everything has a texture! looking into textures initially i thought i would be dealing with physical textures but after researching into this there are many programs which you can create visual textures. To relate this into my design practice work i will be developing 4 books each with a different subject involving textures they all will be observational studies of the textures. I will be cutting a window from the pages to keep the work in small sections so they look more professional. i have made some design desicions about how the book will fold out i plan on doing a concetina due to the fact the subject is something which you interact with and a believe this fold pushes this idea forward. I want to work in a mix media way with the use of photography papers drawings etc.

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