Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Collection 100 rational

Product and distribution, why have you made this decision?

As i am making a series of books i will need to distribute them. Packaging would be difficult and unnecessary for a book that would be on a shelf. I am observing texture i am not promoting it I'm observing something that is already there.

Who is your audience and how do you intend to engage with them?
My target audience is very wide and variable Everyone can interact with this product if your interested in surface texture.

What is the function of the product- is it supposed to inform/ educate/ document/ entertain/ instruct?
My product documents i have made this decision due to the nature of what my subject matter is... textures. I will document them through a visual diary/ book.

How will the audience interact with the product?
The audience can interact with my product by looking at each page they will be in a concertina format so every page will need to be lifted up to look at.

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