Monday, 23 November 2009

What statement/fact/question is being communicated to you?

Unaware of what actually goes in ours drinks maybe from the bar staff or people in a club?

IS this being communicate to you in a clear and focused way? UNSURE

What could be developed further?

It would work if the finalized idea is here.

Have the posters been kept simple and to the point? YES

Is the statement fact or question being proposed?

A question of do you know what is in your drink?

Has the restrictionof the two colours plus been met? YES

Are the two colours appropriate to the solution? NO

Why are the two colours inappropriate?
Has to be finalized needs to look at trying another colour maybe black and white and for the illustration and type and background colour to liven the page up.

Do the posters work as a set or a series? NO

Why do they work/dont work as part of of a set set or series and could this be developed further?
Image and type poster missing The identity between the two posters arent too clear. Add identity by colour /font/illustration/style.

Is it clearly evident which poster is type, image and type and image?

Yes the type and type and image make the othe poster.

Are the posters memorable, immediate high impact and clear?
Type needs to be stronger and clear maybe look at restaurant menus. bold illustrations would work if produced on a computer.

Do you feel the brief has fufilled to its potential? NO
Further feedback....

Produce missing poster on computer add another colour and think about what type you can use?

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