Monday, 23 November 2009

Issues Raised

~ Good ideas will it be facts ou are using or persuasion?
~ Alot of experimentation and research done in to how the poster will fold out.. i like the idea of the martini glass
~ How well will the poster be able to communicate if its symbols?
~ Might scare people
~ 3D poster
~ Other forms of promotion other than a poster?
~ Envelope design

Actions to be taken to resolve issues raised:

I have taken into account all the above issues i have decided not to use the complex idea of the unfolding poster not right use for a nightclub poster also to add to this point i was trying to make it too simple by using symbol yet the issue about drunk females may find it difficult to understand. Other forms of promotion i like the idea of using stickers yet because i am targeting a more adult age group wont be as efffective so i have had the idea of beer mats on the bar with facts about Rape.

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