Tuesday, 29 September 2009

  1. I would hope to have a better understanding of how type and image work together in order to get the most effective poster/leaflet or advertisement.
  2. I would like a broader knowledge of artist and understanding of how the work and what inspires them to work in this way.
  3. To have a close link within the industry and be able to collaborate my ideas within a professional environment.
  4. Be able to work within the areas of graphic design which i am not most comfortable with at the moment.
  5. Work within a group and have a valid role which my ideas will be considered and used.
  6. To be able to evaluate work in a professional manner using correct graphic terms.
  7. Improve on digital photography and manipulating images using the adobe programs.
  8. Experiment with mark making and image making by printing methods such as screen printing.
  9. Have my designs go to print within industry.
  10. Be a freelance artist during the 3rd year before getting my degree.

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