Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Alpha Type visual


Which personality traits did you choose to respond to and apply the typeface?

I responded to the traits which sam had responded to my questions he old me he gets bored quite easily distracted. I got from his body language he was a pritty quiet person very emotionally closed.

What are the reasons behind the design decisions you have made for the typeface?

sams favourite typeface was univers i discovered from this that bauhaus had created i it came about in that era so i decided to base the main frame on bauhaus.

In what ways are the results effective?

The colours are effective sams favourite colour was also red and i thought I wouldnt be able to use such a vibrant colour to display the personality of such a quiet boy yet when i seen him with his friends he was a different person so a little colour splash would be relevant to what he was like not loud most of the time but can be!

Reffering to the typeface that has been designed for you.

What personality traits did you interpret from the typeface designed to represent you?
Childish and playful

Describe what you think of the typeface?

Yes it is legible possibly too obvious it hasn't been manipulated alot and this is dissapointing too much focus on the childish i said i like watching kids programs doesn't make me a childish person.

In what ways effective and ineffective of representing you?

Effective because it is a little care free and playfull and would be somewhat attracting to a child because it is based on the letter fridge magnets. Very innefective because as a typeface it isnt something which i find interesting as a piece of design work also colours i very much dislike.

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