Tuesday, 29 September 2009

How To ....Self Evaluation.

What role(s) did you take on in this group?

I researched all packaging ideas which we chose our main idea from. I also took on the role of illustrating the project in order to make it appear as more of a pack and be linked together in some way i did research for these also. I worked on our initially ideas also and wrote the narration for the presentation.

How well do you think you performed in the role(s)?

I believe i interacted in a sufficient enough so that we all had a range of different ideas to go with. I thoroughly enjoyed researching the ideas for the illustration the research was difficult for what they wanted to produced i looked at nets and templates for a range of envelopes and sick bags parcels.

How well do you think you worked as a group?

Very well we had good communication skills although it seemed a little better at the beginning through the concept n idea stage than towards the end when we were producing the products. We were unsure how to share the load of work we knew what we was doing yet no one wanted to be appointed the leader of the group yet i think this was due to the fact we didn’t know each other that well and therefore wasn’t sure of everyones strengths.

What were the positives of working in a group?

The positives of working in a group was we was able to see how different styles could collaborate to become a strong final product. i have made closer friends from working closer with a small group of people in the studio and also have knowledge of peoples skills so can ask for help whenever i need it.

What were the negatives of working in a group?

Hard to organise time and keep all the group focused and busy. Difficult to please everyone as we are strong minded designers and have opinions on certain things.

What will you do differently next time?

Organise time and specific jobs for people to get on with instead of feeling lost.

Where could you have improved your resolution?

More research to the public rather than internet based. Needed to spend more time on presentation to make sure it was all rehearsed and finished to a good enough quality.

What are the strengths of your presentation?

Humorous and interactive.

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