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Graphic design companies that inspire me


Probably the best companies work ive ever seen to suit my ambitions and where I see myself in the industry once ive gained a few more years experience. The way they use illustration and across a distributary scale is fantastic the use of type language are really suited to the target audience and the whole aura of the restaurant. Situated in Melbourne a little distant yet an other goal to reach for a placement in the future after my third year of study.

In his works Yoshi Tajima's beautifully merges the poetic delicacy of illustration with the ratio of graphic design.
_Robert Klanten   director, Gestalten Berlin

Brass- Headingly leeds

Schwarzkopf, ribena, cbbc, mcvities 

Big Fish----AMAZING!! 

I saw these muesli packaging in asda the other day and thought they were amazing ive managed to track down who has actually designed them and its Big Fish they have won numerous awards for packaging and agained intrigued how illustration is starting to appear more often on commercial products! 


Would love to work for this company its so quirky and unique solutions to problems seem to be usign techniques which I would love to learn and open my mind to whats possible to do so you can think of the most appropriate solution to problems wether it be illustrative interractive etc

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Unfortunately we are not taking on any placements at this time and are currently planning to remain as a duo for the foreseeable future.
That said, it’s always a pleasure to see work from a wide range of experience levels and backgrounds.
We do occasionally hire freelancers and are interested in collaborations, so please feel free to send us your portfolio.

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Church of london

This company has diverse way of working different techniques for different briefs intriguing to know how the studio works with people specialising in different fields. 

From our offices in East London, TCOLondon’s in-house team of 18 works alongside a vibrant network of contributors and collaborators on a wide range of projects for clients around the world. We publish two magazines, Huck and LWLies, which embody our passion for creating something of our own, and in doing so connecting with other like-minded individuals.

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I like cath kidston because I think her achievement of business is a success story and inspirational to me as a student. She has a definite style to her work yet she does just aply it to a range of products in that aspect im not a major fan. so I have put this up just for the business asset of havin many shops all doing so well.
Plus think this new design below is one of her more complex desgins! lovely


To begin with tigerprint is something which all the surface pattern students desire to work for and I always thought I wouldn't have a chance to do a placement due to the fact I do graphics yet there are many skills that I have learnt which I believe would benefit a company like this and I believe to design cards and papers bags for marks and spencer would be and amazing oppurtunity so I am going to contact them and see where I get!

Hallmark House
Bingley Road
West Yorkshire

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email Vic at

Paul cartwright branding

Yoshi Tajima 

I always thought of myself as doing freelance work I really enjoy the aspect of deciding what jobs to take on its much more of designing because you enjoy it rather than because you work a 9-5 in an office yet I realise I need to get myself out there and develop contacts with potentencial clients. I often find it difficult finding companies to work for that have in house illustrators alot of them are hired to help on specific projects and this is something which also has a massive appeal to mysefl working on different briefs and collabarting with designers is fantastic oppurtunity and learning curve.
Yoshi Tajima is a designer and illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from The American Intercontinental University in London with BA in Communication Design. His artwork encompasses a diverse field of design and style, ranging from black and white illustration to graphic lettering, logo design and landscapes. In these works, series of portrayed ladies are especially famed for its beauty. The creation is luscious and delicate where he tries to "capture the elusive moments between fragile beauty and fantasy". Elegant flowery lines eloquently express the fashions and sensibility of modern women which are very common in Art Nouveau-inspired décor. The world's illustration and graphic scene is highly fascinated by Yoshi's "ephemeral muses."
_Lisa Ibuki   journalist, fashion editor

Album artwork digipaks

Unfortunatly couldnt find the company that has designed these but as inspiration they really something I wish to look more into  a lot of photography and type used yet its the range that appeals to me I love how you can create a style of work and apply it to a range of products I love creating packs or a whole set of design solutions for a brief rather than one poster etc.

Sanna Annukka 

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If you would like to contact me my address is

I love how these illustrators are applying theres designs to well known products for big clients I sometimes feel as if being an illustrator has many limitations yet things seem to be moving very vastly even in the retail sector as pritned illustrative t shirts are becoming more and more popular. Its also appears even high end retail segment are also gettin involved such as Channel.

3deep design

I like this design company as they have a real professionalism to what they do I would love to learn more about type and how best to use it as I did a image module want to learn some type alongside also liek to do ranges of designs like the one below 
Brett Phillips

Creativity & Craftsmanship.

3 Deep Design is a design and image agency based in Australia with representation in New York, Tokyo and Europe.

For over 14 years the practice has crafted programmes for the finest galleries, private clients and organisations around the world, notably Steven Klein & Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Six Scents, The Australian Ballet, Seven New York, Toni Maticevski & Materialbyproduct. 3 Deep's clients are discerning and appreciate emotionally and intellectually driven design.

The practice believes in
delivering memorable and considered experiences that are underpinned by a commitment to ideas, design and luxury.
But where luxury was once defined on the basis of material objects, the value placed on them and the social achievement gained through acquiring them,
3 Deep understand that the discerning consumer is now viewing luxury products and services as a means to an even larger personal pursuit, self–discovery, self-expression, and self-fulfillment.

Through the unique and highly personal experiences that
luxuries help provide, they are no longer content with selecting from a standard roster of premium and super premium brands. They choose to explore new realms of luxury - all of which must be discovered and defined personally. All of which require a bespoke, personal and considered approach.
Our practice is accustomed to working at the vanguard of design practice and it is not uncommon for 3 Deep to redefine boundaries, advocate for change or champion a more sophisticated and intuitive approach.

3 Deep Design
Australian Commissions
Social media
35A/91 Moreland Street
Footscray Victoria
3011 Australia
Telephone +61 3 9687 4899
Facsimile +61 3 9687 5133

Brett Phillips
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Follow us here


With this design company they have got an extensive client base yet I really believe i could deliver some better idea and really push there design work show its best potential. 

Aesthetic aparatus

Love this company the diversity in what they do is inspirational alot of the posters are illustrative and screen printed which is a technique I really enjoyed learning about and wish to do more of in the future. 


PH: 612.339.3345 | FX: 612.339.6005

michael {at} aestheticapparatus {dot} com
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I love how she has a very defined style and if I wish to go into illustration freelance  I want to be diverse in the skills I have yet have a similiar familiart within the sets of pieces I create. She has done editrial work aswell as posters cards etc.


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