Friday, 5 August 2011


Evaluation PPD
By looking at potential companies that I wish to work for I have looked at the mail out which I put together of the previous work I have produced so far over my degree level and recognised the work that I like and inspire me is not being reflected through my design practice, therefore getting placements with these companies could prove difficult. I have decided to do more illustration briefs throughout summer to recognise a definitive style and approach to the way I work. The past two years have be more about finding where I feel most comfortable and where I will fit within the industry I have experimented with different techniques diverse briefs and approaches to the way I’ve been working. Next year type and illustration are going to be my main focus and applying these to commercial products and ranges within the retail environment. I have always wanted to work freelance so looking at companies which I want to work for has been difficult as freelance illustrators are the type of work I like and can see myself doing in the future. Yet I’ve got a long way to go in order to achieve this I need to be more organised throughout my third year of study manage my time efficiently and hopefully work in different environments to gain as much experience of the industry as possible before I leave the College Of Art. By the time I return to begin third year I want to have an extensive range of products designed by myself in an illustrative style in order to create a new mail out for further work placements. Thinking about what I want to do when I leave university I would love to work for a Graphic Design company Melbourne Australia typically like Unity who have a mixture of graphic illustrative and installation work. I like to design to create an aura in an environment therefore design for retail, restaurants or events would really appeal to me. My main aim for next year which I am really excited about is to have my own stall at Leeds university book fair selling books posters stationary, being a part of the book fair for the past 2 years is something which I really enjoy and selling your work is a great achievement and a boost.  From the 2 years on the course I have come to recognise I like briefs which have a fast turn around pace so 1/2 week briefs are something which I enjoy doing I seem to create much more of a range I make fast design decisions and are pleased with the amount of work produced within the time which gives me a big incentive to do more. I wish to create some artwork pieces just for fun next year not necessary lead by a certain brief the image module I did last year really brought the fun back to what I do and reminded me why I love doing what i do so much! These could be sold as part of book fair or hopefully get a website set up throughout next year and get myself up and running. Looking forward to my progress! 

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