Sunday, 13 December 2009

What if.....

Self Evaluation.

For the main part of this group project our group had a range of different themes which we had chosen from 1oo photographs we were asked to take of a range of different things. Some of these themes included the city, Experiences, Eeerie and creepie. We had to conclude all these ideas with one final theme which we would then go on to explore and solve the problem to we decided to go with experiences which people would have of leeds and to make this more enjoyable therefore "people could be happier in leeds". To prove that this was a problem we researched the ideas around what we were trying to proove to begin we designed a questionnaire which we would then send out into the public we asked such questions as what would make you happier? when and why are you mostly upset? if you could receive anything from someone for free what could they do?. I explored the scientific reasoning behind smiling and laughing including health physical and social benefits of doing so along with this i researched other such campaigns which were trying to do the same thing as we would propose. I looked at feel good music something which we could consider to play to people possibly get them to sing or dance?. As a group we also designed a sandwich board which would be worn and taken into the city to ask people "could you be happier? and would fill a yes no section out on the back. I looked further into a suggestion which was made to us about peforming a dance routine i looked through numorous different dance style and techniques including comedy acts and shows charleston dancing and T-sandwich Boards and Questionnaires. Secondary was looking at the different campaigns that had already taken place i researched these on the internet we relied on qualitative research rater than quantitive yet the stats still prooved that people could smile more around leeds college of art. Te researched which prooved more useful to me would be the qualitative as it was getting direct feedback in a more social manner and we are trying to promote the idea of being social and happy also we could ask directly what what cheer them up! The majority of these answers were food!! which then mainly focused our idea to sweets as the majority would find it very generous to give sweets out and for free??!! This is how we decided to gather our final solution we were going to hand the sweets around and then document it through photography (people receiving the free sweets and instantly being cheered up!). We also designed cards which had little quotes which we all helped think up such as "Smile for a while" they were hand drawn and had a personal touch to them. We could have researched into more about leeds college of art as we deicided to change our target audience i dont believe we gathered enough evidence of our target audience as we could have maybe this would have changed what we give out for free and maybe pushed the idea of performance piece.

five things that i have learned throughout this process:
1. Be more envolved within the group.
2. Express your ideas clearly and show visuals.
3. Dont let one member take over the whole project its a group brief you should all have a part in it!
4. Have faith in your work be more confident in what you do if not give anything a good go.
5. Research Research Research!

five things i will do differently next time:
1. More research!
2. Collaborate ideas clearly and everyday!
3. Work towards your solving the brief not doing work to bulk the project out!
4. Dont hide in the mist of group members be strong about my ideas and take credit for them!
5. If im struggling with something dont pass the book ask how they do it better!

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