Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Enterprise Evaluation

Throughout the enterprise module I have been constantly referring back to the detailed lecture notes and online presentations which have helped with my understanding of business terminology and outlined the basic steps to setting up my own business. The lectures provided basic structure to what I have needed to explore in ore depth in order to get exact costing' and understanding the target market. I have been surprised at how much I have learnt about the business structures and different ways to market yourself and how to analyses other companies threats and weakness which can potentially help my business improve and see the gaps (niche) in the market. I believe the presentation part of this module was essential to learning and putting into practice the theory. The enterprise module has been a valuable learning curve because it has made me come to terms with the amount of research and initial start up things which need to be established in conjunction with your product just being good in graphic design just doesnt cut it when you have a business if you are unable to keep track of your finances and the current climate in which the industry is in your business will not be a success. I have been looking into other entrepreneurs and there business modules and occasional you tube videos to help me understand how and where they started up such as jonny cupcakes and the amazon model. With the current design industry there are more small - medium sized businesses therefore it would be liable for me to start up in the future possibly after my degree.

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  1. glad the module has proved valuable for you and given you food for thought.