Tuesday, 26 April 2011

image evaluation

Throughout this image module i have learnt a variety of different techniques and approaches to image and drawing as a practice. I have discovered how and what type of works that image driven designers have to contend with and how they go from writing their own briefs to developing and printing designs. The image module has really inspired me and has got me back into illustration the ways of thinking and creating image has pushed me to try new things and experiment with 3D and photography. I liked how open the briefs were to let me be more creative and solve them in which media seemed appropriate to solving the problem. I wish to explore more into type as image as I discovered there is a fine line between it being image with type rather than type as image. These challenges I want to overcome and expand my use of techniques and media within my graphic work. I found the Editorial brief to be the most challenging out of all the modules as colour was a main issue and size and shape of the bounding box you had to create something in these restrictions made it hard to be creative and more practical way of thinking. I much prefer the experimental side of image. The book brief was the brief which stood out to me the most I was able to create things of my interest which was surface pattern and produced 10 books which I was really pleased with. Each brief taught me something about image and how other people view it with scale frame and format it was important that each image could be seen and identified from 20 feet which encouraged me to think about which angle to draw the imagery do i use a stroke what colour would it need to be what stock will make it stand out better. All these things need to be taken into consideration the image module for me has opened my mind to think in different ways about what and why I am using the image. For me this module has been more than just the image making its been a way of solving problems in different ways and using appropriate techniques.

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