Monday, 10 May 2010

Problem Analysis - Rationale.

Brief: (What is the problem you intend to solve?)

First year students joining the BA hons graphic design programme being able to cope with the work load and help them get organise and mange time effectively.

Who needs to know?

First year students attending Leeds College of Art in September '10.

What do they need to know?

-How to jot down events and timetables sessions in order to keep organised.
-Know when and where to find tutors for help etc.
-Tips on when to book print rooms and when to access workshops

Why do they need to know?

They need to know in order to pass their first year stress free!!

What will they respond to?

A diary Which will be visually interesting and engaging to first years who have just been accepted onto a Graphic design program.

What research is required?

- What I did on each week of the program in order to inform then one step ahead what will be happening and expected of them.
- Tips from other students which would have helped them on the course.
- Taxi numbers etc to help them with living as well as uni life.
- Research into night life to give them a freshers pack which will be handy!

- other diaries on the market for students
- Paper folds to make the diary more engaging.

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